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10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Mexico

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I promise we have not forgotten you guys! We were away for 5 weeks and wanted to be present with family as much as possible. Being in Mexico has been a new experience haha! Sounds weird because I am 100% Mexican but because I have been living outside of my country for a long time AND finishing the first trimester of pregnancy made this trip something different but very special!!


I think it is no coincidence that we are in the middle of 2017 and if we are honest many things are changing, including my body haha! I think it’s like another transition, at least for me and Josh it is; we are planning to move to a different country AND soon we will be parents!! BIG TIMES!! – The best thing is we know that everything that is coming is much better and we are very excited about it!!!


So now, guys, I have those post-vacation feelings where I have been documenting the memories of our vacation in Mexico, I tried to capture as many memories as possible, and not only with my camera, but with my heart and my eyes.


So here is a list I made of some of my favorite things I like the most about Mexico. They are the product of wonderful memories that make me feel proud of my loved ones, where I was born and it is what I miss the most!!


  1. Family.

Being with my family is one of the most amazing and important things for me!! We don’t have to do a lot, we are Mexicans! We can have a party every time we all sit down to eat or drink something. (I Josh definitely vouch for this! FIESTA 24/7)

I also love the daily visits of family and friends, because they may be passing close to your house and simply decide to go and say hello and ask how you are doing (sometimes we end up eating or having dinner together).

  1. Mole enchiladas.

I do not know how to explain this, do not be scared, but it is one of my favorite dishes. It is very traditional in Oaxaca (my state) and recognized as a dish of Mexican gastronomy in the world. It is a type of sauce that combines chilies, spices, nuts, chocolate, and some vegetables. #waterymouth

(It’s kind of weird, and I’m growing to appreciate it, but it’s so weird. I literally can’t explain it other than imagining the most random ingredients mixed together to make a sauce that’s kind of sweet and spicy and chocolaty and then you pour it over savory food. Man, I love Mexico!)


  1. Laughter / loud laughter.

If you go to Mexico you will notice it in most restaurants, family gatherings, hallways of schools, parties, and sometimes even in supermarkets!! (or is just my family the loudest?)

(Yeah it’s just you guys)


  1. Food.

I know I have already mentioned some food above, but not only are the enchiladas the only food in Mexico, (if I could share all of it!) there is a huge amount of traditional food in Mexico and it is, in fact, part of UNESCO World Heritage Site!!

(Sweet mother of all things bright and beautiful, just feed me tacos, adobada, suizo, add a bit of lime and I’m good to go!)


  1. Hospitality.

The people in Mexico will treat you as if you were part of the family from the first time, they are very welcoming and they love to welcome and spoil people.

(That’s true and it’s something Mexicans should be so proud of. I remember preaching at a conference and mentioning to a man that I liked his shirt, just complimenting him. Guess what. He comes back later and gives me the shirt!! haha. So generous!)


  1. The spirit and positive attitude of people.

Most Mexicans always smile at you, they have an attitude of perseverance and passion in everything they do every day. (I could say they are the happiest people in the world) haha 😉


  1. The spicy sauces.

I need them for everything in my life!!

(First time I met Maha’s parents, we weren’t dating but I was emanating strong vibes of “I’m interested and ready to pounce, well more like say hello and say I like you”. Anyway, Raul told me to try this little slice of this orange pepper thing. Turns out it was habanero and there I am trying to hold it together with tears streaming down my face and Raul (Father in Law) and Jose Palos are just laughing. Literally, every time I used the toilet for a number 2 for the next few days it felt like a dragon was breathing on me… TMI? haha)


  1. Fresh fruits and vegetables.

You can find all kinds of fruits and vegetables almost on every corner! 100% natural and fresh.


  1. Swiming.

In his rivers, lagoons, cenotes or seas.

  1. Magic places.

We went to different places but we fell in love with a small but beautiful town called Tulum. We spent a few days there together with my parents and siblings before returning to Spain, I think they were the best days!!

Stay tuned for more posts on our time in Mexico, how many of you have been to Mexico and what are your favourite things?

Let us know in the comments below! xx







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    Elizabeth Villar
    Friday July 21st, 2017 at 02:42 PM


  • Reply
    salma gabriela tenorio
    Friday July 21st, 2017 at 09:06 PM

    Oww! Ya sabía que México es bonito, pero se ve precioso a través de tus ojos Maha! A veces todas esas cosas se te hacen tan normales, pero ahora apreciaré mucho más lo maravilloso de mi país! ❤

    Un gran abrazo!

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