25 Reasons I Would Say Yes All Over Again

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It has been 3 years getting to know Josh and 1 year and a few months since married and I would say yes to a lifetime with him all over again.

A few days ago I was reflecting in that we are entering in a totally new transitional time for the next step in our lives as a couple and I was thinking about Josh’s life, the past few years getting to know him and our marriage. I love that together we mesh so well and even when the going gets tough (which it has happened sometimes!) we look at the center of our relationship, God.


I love contemplating Josh even when he is busy doing something, so the last few months especially (knowing that some stuff went out of our plan and control) it has been incredible watching him! The way he has responded to circumstances makes me love him deeper and think about all the reasons why I would say yes to him all over again!! Therefore, I wanted to write him a letter, and yes, I wanted to make it public☺. One of his love languages is physical touch (which I always give it to him ;)) and words of affirmation and I thought this last one works out perfect in this way.


Babe, this is for you. I want you to know that I look at you every day and think about all these reasons why I would say I yes to you all over again.

  1. You are joy. You are the funniest and charismatic person I have ever met. I love the crazy things and jokes you do at home and outside our home, the way you make me smile and feel (I think even our baby can feel it!).
  2. You always speak life, beauty, encouragement, and love over me and others and that is a blessing for me.
  3. The laughs. Your laughs, mine and both of ours united.
  4. You take care of me really well.
  5. You know how to listen not only to my voice but my heart.
  6. You have lead me and encouraged me to grow so much as a woman after God.
  7. You are the most positive person I’ve known.
  8. You allow me to be me and we share vision and dreams.
  9. I love that you still open the door for me.
  10. You are humble, open, you know how to be vulnerable and you never like to let anything unresolved. Thank you my love.
  11. You love me really well and even better than I deserve. Doesn’t matter if I’m up or down you keep showing me your, you are so constant.
  12. You are a creative genius!!!
  13. When my feelings are hurt or I’m acting weird you notice it and run to me with the sweetest and protective way… my heart feels so loved by you.
  14. I trust you and believe in you. You always have a good advice for every situation, your wisdom and discernment has always a good and healthy point. That’s a treasure for me.
  15. You thought me that there is more world outside of my own world. This makes me see life in a bigger way and I learn so much.
  16. You love me even when I take all the cover for me during winter.
  17. Because you are my favorite superhero.
  18. You are a great speaker and storyteller!! I don’t know how you do it, and I love how you teach me too ^_^
  19. You pray for us. I can count with you to cover us and lead us.
  20. Because I love that our relationship and marriage has felt like an adventure, it’s been so much fun!!
  21. You are helpful even when I ask for your help when you don’t have time, you still do it with a smile on your face… that makes me want to eat you. ^_^
  22. The way you get close to my tummy and talk to our baby every day (with accents, new languages, songs, etc…   I love how our baby kicks every time you speak!)
  23. Your fierce loyalty means more to me than anything else! Thank you.
  24. For that kiss on my forehead, and all the kisses every morning and night.
  25. Because I love you like I have never loved anyone else before and like I never will.


I love you so much my dear Josh!

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