And Then They Were 3…

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We are pregnant!!

As you know, sex is fun and it’s the way to make babies. We have a lot of sex, and the one that resulted in this blessing, Maha remembers as a particularly memorable time, isn’t that right babe??…

..Anyway!! After Maha told me that she wanted to buy some pickles and that she felt like she could drink the juice I immediately went to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test with her.

Maha is usually a spicy eater and is into ‘weird’ foods and things (notably the time in Redding where she decided to eat baby food for a few days, absolutely #classicmaha), but the pickle thing… that was out of character.

Maha peed on a little stick and it told us we’re parents!

There was definitely a moment (entire week) of shock, but it quickly turned to excitement and we CANNOT wait!

It’s kind of crazy really a human is growing in Maha’s tummy and it’s been an amazing year building up to today which I’m sure Maha will share about on the blog.



Yeah!! As Josh was sharing, we’ve been keeping a secret… and now the secret is finally out with you guys!


How we found out…

Although Josh and I hoped to begin the journey of growing our family at some point this year, it was a complete surprise a few months earlier!! 😝😍

How did we find out? Well… I was feeling different, especially exhausted, but I just assumed my weariness was a consequence of the holiday’s I had with my friend that was visiting Spain, lots of travel during the month of March, April. Feeling like that was very unlike me, I thought perhaps I was getting sick because I could have overexherted my exercise… At this point, I was one week late in my cycle…

I started connecting things, the possibility of being pregnant crossed my mind one special night and I started to have a stronger feeling that it might actually be a reality!

I was nervous, Josh and I were so far away from our families and to be honest, I didn’t want to fully embrace the thought of being pregnant because I was afraid that at the doctor could say that the test was wrong.

So one day we headed to the pharmacy and we bought my pregnancy test. I didn’t even know if I was buying the right thing, I mean seriously #newbie!! That afternoon we took the test. Moments before, Josh and I were in our bedroom talking about the possibilities of our new life experiences as a larger family!!

I was so nervous, probably shaking and Josh just hugged me, smiled me and said – I love you, everything is gonna be great! – I cried because I wanted that but also I was a bit scary thinking – I don’t know how to be a mom!!

I took the pregnancy test and I didn’t even need to wait to have the answer!! It was quick! The test gave me two strong little lines right away!!! – I started screaming: I cannot believe it!! We are going to be parents!! I came out of the bathroom and sat on the bed with Josh, it felt like a dream, a bit scary and the most beautiful dream full of surprise, tears, and laughter!!…

I was like… What?! How?! I mean, I know how… but really!?!?!

We were completely surprised! We started thinking a lot of things! We prayed together, were full of excitement and thankfulness. It definitely took a day or so, maybe longer, for the surprise to turn into a real life changing thought (of we are going to be parents). We kept it secret for ourselves for a week but it was the most difficult thing!! So we told our parents and closest friends.

Over the next few days, Josh and I tried to figure out when we conceived … and we did it obviously in our first little home in Zaragoza, Spain, and actually, I think ran a 10k marathon with our little bean!! 🙊😝💃🏽🕺🏻👏🏽 You guys!!! It has been HARDDD to keep this secret for the past 10 weeks.

I am so excited the day has finally come where we are telling everyone!

But for now we wanted to say hello and invite you to join us on our journey!


👶🏽 Baby  Stannard, we are praying every day for your protection, your health, and that you would love the Lord with all your heart (oh…and have our curly hair haha and bum) 🙏🏼 See you in 7 months 💕


Also thanks to Salmita for the healthy cupcakes!!!

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