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So we thought it would be fun to do a little Q&A to get to know us and find out some things you perhaps didn’t know! Enjoy

Do you guys fight a lot? and what are your tips for avoiding those/resolving them in the best way possible?

Josh: No. I think honestly, once you’ve had a few arguments you realise it’s not worth the emotional energy and time spent, that next time you just let it go. Yeah that can be hard in the moment, but it’s so much better in the long run to just drop it and not react. That sounds super ‘typical’, but it’s true, I’m also the diffuser type so I’m always trying to break a wall down with laughter and being silly. That’s my secret 🙂 haha!!

Maha: we don’t fight a lot…(do we?), no we don’t. I guess my tip would be for me to always think the best about the other person and that they aren’t trying to deliberately hurt me or be against me.

Did you have any cultural differences that you had to over come in your relationship?

Josh: Yes of course, I’m a little town kid from England, an Maha is a small town Mexican Goddess! Not only were there general cultural difference, but also more specific ones, Maha is a pastors kid, HUGE family, but there was nothing negative about any of the differences, just opportunities for me to expand in my mind and learn and adapt. I mean on a basic level, I still don’t understand the Mexican sweet and spicy candy! or Fruit with spices on it, but I love the people so I love their ways 🙂

Maha: (Maha laughs) I guess yes, I don’t exactly remember but the culture of my family was very special growing up, my life was very different to Josh’s, growing up as a pastors kid and with 3 siblings. Definitely the food! England eats so much candy and cakes and I’m used to more fresh fruits. Also Josh is different (special), British people are ‘typically’ more serious, Josh feels already half Mexican in his talkative and outgoing nature, he’s not the kind of person to sit down for a cup of tea in silence.

(Wow Maha, tell us how you really feel haha!!!)

What is Josh’s favourite Mexican food?

Josh: Definitely Tacos, there is a great little place near Maha’s house that does taco suizo – meat and cheese!

Maha: Tacos, Sirloin Tacos and he loves guacamole with chips and lately nachos! and me? Can I say my favourite?.. Tacos, Enchiladas Suiza, Mole

Josh: Eurgh Mole!.. It’s like thick spicy chocolate sauce

What’s Maha’s favourite English food?

Josh: She loves the Kebabs and the cakes my mum makes

Maha: Cider??? hahah, is that a food? Of course the cakes and yes the Kebabs too!

What’s the hardest and also best part about being married?

Josh: Literally struggling to think of what’s hard, but the best.. my word, it’s just so much fun and laughter. Of course having sex with the most amazing woman on the planet is the best, but also just the daily times of sex and then being naked and more sex and.. OK BABE 🙂

Maha: There’s nothing hard when you love someone but I guess at the beginning the misunderstandings as we try to learn each other. Actually!!! Going to bed if we are still working through something and then Josh falling asleep, that was hard for me but I think I was exaggerating things.. Best part is waking up and going to bed together and cuddling each other, walking, exploring, talking.

What was the most awkward thing to do in front of each other at the beginning of your relationship?

Maha: (laughter and scream/giggle) Fart, but..

Josh: You didn’t fart when we dated

Maha: Ohh dating.. Hmm nothing really awkward.. It was like I had known you forever, that was the weird thing, or actually one little thing. When I went to the bathroom in your house I didn’t want to pee because the house was so quiet and I didn’t want you to hear.

Josh: Hahaha, I totally remember you being awkwardly quiet in the bathroom, I used to think THAT’S NOT EVEN POSSIBLE, and I thought you were just aiming it on the side of the pan haha! For me I don’t really get awkward, but maybe early on it would have been pooping in hearing distance, OR leave a rank smell in the toilet and then you go in after haha!

Who made the first move? How did you guys meet?

Maha: You did, we went out it was amazing, then I put some limits, and because I put the limits I made the next move, and from that you started pursuing me more.

Josh: You giving me a ride counted as a move.. my baby cutie.. Yes I made the move, I’m sure we can talk about this more in a video because it’s a great and funny long story.  But we met at school in California, I couldn’t keep my eyes away from this bronze queen with curly long hair. I let a few of the guys know and then I started taking ground. Haha! But yes we will do a video of our story for another blog.

How long did it take for you to fart with each other?

Josh: I farted when we were dating right?

Maha: Definitely! Even in front of my sisters, that’s how they knew you were the one.

Josh: Ha, yeah I was pretty quick to release, I think I made sure the relationship had some stability so that you weren’t rocked by my air biscuits

Maha: For me it wasn’t until I got married and after the honeymoon

Josh: And it hasn’t stopped since then…

Maha: Hahaha! I didn’t say that Joshua Stannard

What’s your favourite thing about each other and why?

Josh: Love the bum

Maha: Oh physically?

Josh: Anything. Of course bum, but I love how tender hearted you are.

Maha: My favourite thing… your eyes/body/everything … is that you are always happy, and make me laugh.. and tender too, and funny.

Most annoying things?

Maha: The word Tranquila (calm down/relax).. When I’m bothered about something and you tell me tranquila and laugh.

Josh: When you sleep in the MIDDLE of the bed and I have hardly any room

Maha: Haha! Well it’s annoying when you don’t let me cuddle you because you get hot

What’s your dip of choice?

Josh: BBQ, no brainer!

Maha: I love the one I make with sunflower seeds and spices


Favourite book?

Maha: I don’t know.. The Bible (Maha breaks out into HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER and says BABY don’t put that)..The Alchemist.

Josh: I’ve never heard of that book. This is a tough question, but I think Mike Bickle – Passion for Jesus. It’s a book that helped take everything that was stuck in my head and plant it in my heart, a really wonderful book.

Maha: I have more, Fathers Embrace – Jack Frost and Keep Your Love On – Danny Silk they are my favourites!


What nicknames do you have for each other?

Josh: I literally make up new names every minute!

Maha: I call you Babe, Joshy, Spinky, Nube (means cloud and also marshmallow in spanish)

Josh: Minsky, Baby, Honey, Mahi, Mahith, Mahita, Blancita, Amor….

Maha: Yahh.. Next one

What is your secret to a happy marriage?

Maha: Fun, Love, Respect, Communication

Josh: All of the above and putting God in the number one spot

Maha: And spent a lot of time together!!


City/Country you both would love to visit?

Maha: Greece, Africa and Thailand.

Josh: Yep, and New Zealand. Also now we are based in Europe, just the little cities close to where we are living.

Maha: I also said Italy.. and Fiji!

If you could change one thing from your wedding day, what would it be?

Maha: (laughs)… To have formal pictures with my whole family and to have been reminded to do that on the day.

Josh: I would have loved a longer day to have even more time with friends and family in the moment.

Well, so there we have it, now you know a leeeetle bit more I think a video Q&A is on the cards soon!

Have a sensational week! The last couple of days we were travelling to Mexico so I think I need some tacos 😀


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