Make great tasting Moka Pot espresso

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So you have one of these interesting looking Moka Pot things and you want to make a great espresso but can’t be bothered with weighing and measuring and all that malarky – you’re in the right place!

Now before we begin I sure hope you’re using some good freshly roasted coffee (put your favourite coffee in the comments below, we love sourcing new coffee). One of the best investments we have made in our quest for the perfect home coffee has been a grinder. Our current grinder here in Spain is a vintage one we picked up from a local shop, but this grinder right here I can’t recommend highly enough. The guy who got me seriously into coffee started on this one and it is so comfortable to hold and grinds incredibly consistently.

Regarding the Moka pot, you will have to ask Maha as it was a gift from her for my birthday 😘

ANYWAY… We don’t always take pictures of our coffee but when we do we make sure everything is clean and well organised. 😂


Step 1

Fill water up to the little valve on the inside. Sometimes I put water fresh off the boil but I haven’t noticed much difference – you can save some time if you boil water whilst grinding though #2birds1stone

Step 2

Grind your freshly roasted beans to a fine grind. Think sand. The amount of coffee will depend on the size of your Moka Pot so just grind little by little until it’s level. Don’t press/tamp it down and pack it in, the boiling water creates the pressure and does all the work for you, pressing it down affects the extraction.

Step 3

Screw the top on and put the Moka Pot on the stove. Now this is my tip and I’ve found it makes a tastier coffee, set the stove to medium heat – we’re not launching a rocket.

Step 4

Wait a few minutes and the water in the bottom section will start to boil providing the wonderful scent of coffee followed by the oozing out of the brown nectar. When you start to hear it sputter take it off the boil – you’re ready.

Step 5

Pour and enjoy! I usually drink espresso/café solo, Maha prefers an Americano with a dribble of agave.


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