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Pregnancy And Body Image

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I was ending the second trimester of my pregnancy and this time I noticed that something was not good with me…I’m not proud to admit it but, this time I didn’t want to hear the number while I stepped on the scale at my obstetrician’s office…  “I don’t want to get fat” – I thought.


I confessed this to Josh (my husband), who hugged me and replied: well, you will babe (you will gain weight) – at that moment with his answer, my face was like :/ … then he kept telling me… your belly is gonna grow, your bubs, and especially the baby that you are growing within you, and that’s normal and healthy! But I’ll love you and your body even more because you’re growing our baby!! – He hugged me kissed me and I stop panicking! Then he started telling me, we gonna be careful, we gonna eat healthy and enjoy! So don’t worry! (and then I think I remember him whispering to my belly – don’t make Mommy too fat, ok? And we just started laughing.


I feel that a pregnant woman represents all that is wonderful and bountiful about life. I remember finding out that I was pregnant… I was excited and nervous at the same time… honestly, I didn’t even think about my body that time… of course! I was determined to be adorably pregnant!!


You see, at the beginning of the year 2017, I said that this year was going to be a year of self-care and body confidence ☺ … I wanted to feel even better and growing knowing more my spirit, soul and body. So I challenge myself in these areas. I started a complete plant-based lifestyle, working out every single day and reading what feed my spirit. I was feeling AMAZING! Unstoppable!! I ran 10k for the first time with Josh, my body looked and felt like never before!! We were in this together and I really loved it!!! (I think he did too 😉 )


Long story short, we realized we were pregnant when I was almost 2 months ^_^ we actually were planning to surprise our family with the news of getting pregnant on Christmas and cleaning my body was making me feel marvellous especially thinking that I would be growing a baby soon!! BUT this little baby surprised us months earlier haha and now we will be welcoming our little one around Christmas!!! ^_^


I was telling you that I was loving my body and feeling amazing with all those challenges I set for this year, right? Well, the first trimester I was vegan, second trimester vegetarian at the end of the second trimester my doctor told me I had to add more meat in my meals and from that, the scale started showing me I was bigger than I’ve ever been. ☺ However, I didn’t stay with the thought of “I’m getting fat”. As a pregnant woman, we do our best to eat healthy, work out, and stay the best shape we can, and it’s no longer our identity tied to the numbers on the scale. In fact, it is for the wellness of us and our little baby.


So after sharing with Josh and also one of my sisters I felt free from that thought and I actually kept loving my body in midst of all this new lovely adventure of pregnancy, eating normal, enjoying great food (yes, because I really love food too). I think this would be discouraging in my past, but the circumstances are different this time. I gonna have a baby! I’m pregnant!! Though I’m always reminding myself to have self-compassion for all the changes I’m going through for the first time.


So I stayed committed to what I say for this year and keeping loving my body in this stage of witnessing me changing so rapidly. It hasn’t happened overnight, but seven months almost into my pregnancy I can now embrace these changes in my body rather than subjecting myself to the usual guilt and feeling weird. It is often easy for women to fall into the trap of feeling negative about their body image during pregnancy. However, I think beauty during pregnancy is merely a matter of perception and the key is adopting the right perception throughout your pregnancy.


Now, I’m not saying that I have all figured out, but I have a couple of things that have been helpful during my pregnancy so far and I wanted to share it with you in case you are pregnant or want to be:


Remember you are carrying a miracle of life within you

Doesn’t matter the weight you are right now or the changes in your body. Let me remind you, your body is changing in a remarkable way because you are helping nurture and welcome a new life into the world. So love the change, love yourself and concentrate on your baby.


Pregnancy weight is normal and a natural process

Your body is changing in order to help your baby grow and develop. Embrace the process, you are living a blessing!! Start working the acceptance that your body will change and your life will never be the same!! You are going to be a mummy!! Take care of you and you will be taking care of your baby.


Loving your body before pregnancy

I think loving your body even before pregnancy is very important because you accept yourself not because what you weight but because you are unique. When you love yourself you take care of your whole self, you exercise and also take care of what you eat (feeding yourself in a healthy way) as much as the thoughts about yourself. All this can help you get through the physical and emotional changes during pregnancy.


Express your feelings

Talk with your husband, family, or friends about how you are feeling. Keeping your feelings bottled up will only make you feel worse.


Celebrate your pregnancy

Go out with your partner, family or friends for a walk, for dinner or something that make you feel you are celebrating your pregnancy!!!… feel amazing and enjoy it!!!


In any big life change (going to college, getting a new job, being pregnant, etc.) I think life teach you valuable lessons, and pregnancy is a big one. it’s okay if you don’t have everything figured out.  I sure know I don’t. But I sure know to remind myself sometimes to love and take care of my body well. So I take actions in the areas I need to get back and make some changes. I encourage you to do that, you will be thankful and you’ll feel great!! So now, embrace the miracle we are privileged to experience!!!


I would love for you to share any experiences on your changing body or changing emotions before/during/after pregnancy!! I would love to hear them!!!

Love, xx

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    Monday October 16th, 2017 at 11:41 PM

    Hola maha me encanta leer esto, por que me identifico con muchas cosas. Yo tengo 3 meses de embarazo y ha sido maravilloso, recuerdo que cuando nos enteramos que íbamos a ser papas pasaron por mi mente muchas cosas emoción, nervios,insertidumbre etc. Y en estos meses he visto mi cuerpo cambiar y ala vez me he sentido inseguridad a que ya no vuelva hacer el mismo, mi piel a cambiado de color y textura aun que mi pancita aun no esta muy grande ¡ya espero con ansias verla crecer ! pero, creo que tienes razón al decir que amarnos en este tiempo y cuidar de nuestro cuerpo es algo muy importante por que muchas veces, cosas que escuchamos del embarazo pueden llenarnos de miedo y podemos perder el enfoque del momento. Creo que no hay una experiencia mas hermosa que una mujer pueda vivir que el de ser madre y poder dar vida. 😄
    Saludos te mando un abraso

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