About Us

a family photo of Live Love Thrive Together.

A little about Live Love Thrive Together and a little about us.

First of all hello!

We are Josh and Maha (Live Love Thrive Together), and we head up this crazy, beautiful growing family that includes Judah and Brooke and a little one Ezra.

A few moons ago, our paths crossed whilst studying in a small city in northern California. Josh had moved over from England and Maha moved there from Mexico. Despite our obvious differences, Josh’s dress code was more swimwear/casual ALL THE TIME, and Maha’s was pretty much business casual ALL THE TIME, we had undeniable similarities along with a sprinkling of ‘ooh she’s FINE’ and ‘mmm he’s dreamy’.

From California > Mexico > Spain > England

We dated (it went well), we got engaged (it went well) and we got married (it’s going well), and that journey took us across a few nations over a few years before we landed in England, where more adventures began and our family started to grow.

It’s been wild, and this space which we originally set up whilst engaged (but paused for a few years) is our sanctuary. It’s where we can share our findings, our thoughts, and the things that we want to ‘export’ to the world.

What to expect

If you’re here reading this then these are some of the things/topics you can expect on this blog:

  • Recipes
  • Food & Coffee
  • Homeschooling
  • Spirit Led Parenting
  • Outdoors/Wildlife
  • Design & Creativity
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Encouragement & Hope

It’s a big varied list as we are big varied people.

We are lovers of life, family, good food (and coffee), and great design! We are big dreamers and have a heart to see people encounter/experience the goodness of God.

We are catalysts for hope in every circumstance, and we think that as you’re here, you most likely identify with that (or some of what we’ve shared) too.

Live Love Thrive Together is our invitation for you to join our world.

We are (quite literally) a family that exists to practice the value and virtues of:

Living fully, discovering and sharing our passions.

We believe that living fully is a process of discovery alongside one another. How beautiful it is to share something with someone that brings you joy and vice versa.

Living fully is not selfish instant gratification. It is selfless, humble, and thankful, and looks like you embarking on the adventure of life unhindered, unashamed, and fully present, so that you may invite others into that.

Loving ourselves, life, and people.

We were not created to be reservoirs but mighty rivers. We must love ourselves and journey to discover what that practically looks like. Only then can we truly love others and life from a healthy place of being full and more importantly knowing that we are loved.

Thriving in our uniqueness, creating, growing, and influencing.

Thriving is a great word, isn’t it? The thesaurus pairs it with growing, flourishing, developing, etc. That’s it! We don’t want to be a stagnant body of water but growing, moving, flourishing, and developing as we discover more about who we are and what the unique flavor is that we bring to the world.

Together for good, without competition.

If you want to go fast go alone, If you want to go far, go together – African Proverb. It’s true, life is a marathon, not a sprint and we value collaboration over competition for the common good of all.