20 Joyful Affirmations for Christmas 2023

Christmas Tree with decorations

And just like that, it’s almost Christmas… Maybe you’re excited, or perhaps you’re anxious. However you may be feeling, know that God wants you to thrive during this Christmas season and not just survive.

His heart for you is good and He wants to prosper you, your family and your relationships and most of all draw you closer to himself!

He is the gift!

Here are 20 joyful affirmations for the Christmas season

Speak these powerful Christmas affirmations over yourself and let them ignite faith and hope within you to become even more expectant for what God wants to do in and through you this advent season.

  1. I am filled with joy and peace during this Christmas season.
  2. I am a blessing to my family, friends, and community this Christmas season.
  3. I am experiencing the love of God like never before this Christmas season.
  4. My heart is filled with gratitude and thankfulness this Christmas season.
  5. I am a conduit of God’s love and grace to those around me this Christmas season.
  6. I am overcome by the joy and wonder of the Christmas season.
  7. I am receiving life-changing revelations from God’s Word this Christmas season.
  8. I am experiencing breakthroughs and restoration in my relationships this Christmas season.
  9. I am blessed with abundance and prosperity this Christmas season.
  10. I am filled with the Holy Spirit and experience His power and presence daily this Christmas season.
  11. I am a source of hope and encouragement to others this Christmas season.
  12. I am a light shining in the darkness, pointing others to the love of Jesus this Christmas season.
  13. I am experiencing supernatural healing and restoration in my body, mind, and spirit this Christmas season.
  14. I am walking in the fullness of God’s plan and purpose for my life this Christmas season.
  15. I am overflowing with generosity and compassion this Christmas season.
  16. I am experiencing deeper intimacy and connection with God this Christmas season.
  17. I am a beacon of hope, joy, and peace in my family and community this Christmas season.
  18. I am a steward of God’s blessings and use them to bless others this Christmas season.
  19. I am a shining example of God’s love and grace to those around me this Christmas season.
  20. I am filled with the joy and hope of the Christmas season and share it with others wherever I go.

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