7 Holy Spirit Inspired Prayers To Overcome The Flesh

holy spirit prayer to overcome flesh

You are not a sex robot, unable to control your urges.

I’m serious!

It might feel impossible that you can ever overcome the desires of the flesh.

But you can! Your Heavenly Father has defeated sin and death to give you victory, which means your starting place to fight temptation is FROM victory!

You don’t have to live trapped in shame anymore.

There is hope.

You are a beloved son/daughter of God. He died for you and loves you! He’s proud of you and His heart is one of forgiveness toward you.

Sin is no longer your nature because God has covered you in the righteousness of Jesus.


By the power of the Holy Spirit within you, you can overcome the lust of the flesh.

This blog has 7 powerful Holy Spirit prayers to overcome the flesh, bring lasting breakthrough in your life and say goodbye to giving in to lust and temptation by learning to walk in the spirit.

I promise you, it is possible to walk in victory in this area of your life.

Here are some Holy Spirit prayers to overcome flesh.

Holy Spirit Prayer of Repentance and Forgiveness

Holy Spirit, I’m sorry! I’ve sinned against you and against my body, I repent for missing the mark. At times I feel so weak and I’m struggling to turn away. May your spirit within me help to overcome the desires of the flesh. 

You destroyed sin and death when Christ died and rose again and the Holy Spirit within me enables me to resist sin. Thank you God that I have the power and strength to say “no” to sin.

Please give me the strength to turn away when it feels inevitable that I will fail!


Holy Spirit Prayer to Overcome Flesh

Holy Spirit, you are the power of God inside of me and I know that you want me to live in truth and victory!

I declare in Jesus name that masturbation, sin, porn, lust, sexual immorality, and sin has no hold or grip on my life. I have the mind of Christ and I ask you to wipe my mind of any images, thoughts, or memories that are not pure. 

Help me to live a life surrendered to the Holy Spirit. Knowing that even though the flesh is weak, your Spirit is strong in me.


Holy Spirit Prayer For A Revelation Of Gods Love

Holy Spirit, you are everything to me. 

Thank you for filling me with your Spirit and revealing God to me.

Please give me a fresh revelation of Gods Love personally to me. I know that a revelation of the love of God and the the Holy Spirit within me allows me to overcome my flesh and not conform to my flesh desires.

God I trust in your love and I choose to meditate upon your word in my heart.

Thank you for your mercy and grace.

Fill me with your Holy Spirit and encapsulate me with your Love.


Holy Spirit Prayer For Freedom

In the name of Jesus, I take authority of my flesh and commend it to surrender to my Spirit. 
I do not live in the flesh, I live in the Spirit and I have everything I need to overcome the flesh and walk according to the spirit.

My mind is being renewed daily and I desire to please God.

Thank you that I fight from a place of victory and that I can overcome every temptation by the power of the Holy Spirit.


Holy Spirit Prayer To Be Led By The Spirit

Holy Spirit, I need you. 

Not only that, but I want you!

My body, desires and emotions are terrible guides. I want to be led by your Spirit. 

Teach me how to yield to you and live according to God’s word.

Thank you Jesus for loving me.


Holy Spirit Prayer For The Strength To Resist

Holy Spirit, you live inside me and you enable me to resist every evil spirit and temptation.

Sometimes I forget this and I think I’m on my own. I need you Holy Spirit, every moment of my life I need you.

Help me in my relationship with God. Give me the desire to seek Him and know Him.

Give me the strength to overcome sin and the strength to resist any temptation that comes my way.

In Jesus name,


Holy Spirit Prayer To Trust In The Word Of God 

Holy Spirit, for too long I’ve trusted in my own strength and my own way.

That has proved to be a failure. I really need you and I really need help.

Help me to trust the word of God and have faith that what it says is true, alive, and active with the power to impact my life.

I want to walk in the light and truth and reap the benefits of a Spirit-led life and not reap the rewards of sin.

In Jesus name,


Bible Verses To Help Overcome The Flesh

Walk in the Spirit and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh. –Gal. 5:17

By the Spirit, you put to death the deeds of the flesh. –Rom. 8:13]

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. –Rom. 12:2

FAQ About Prayers to Overcome The Flesh

What is “the flesh” and why do we need to overcome it?

“The flesh” refers to the part of us that is prone to sin and self-centeredness. The Holy Spirit empowers us to overcome the flesh and live a life that is pleasing to God.

How can prayer help us overcome the flesh?

Prayer is a powerful tool that we can use to overcome the flesh. When we pray, we invite the Holy Spirit to work in us and guide us in our thoughts and actions. By surrendering our desires and asking God for strength and wisdom, we can resist temptation and overcome the flesh.

What are some common ways the flesh can manifest in our lives?

The flesh can manifest in many ways, such as pride, selfishness, anger, and lust.

How can we tell if we are walking in the Spirit or in the flesh?

When we walk in the Spirit, we exhibit the fruit of the Spirit, such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Walking in the flesh, on the other hand, leads to sin and brokenness.

Can fasting help in our efforts to overcome the flesh?

Fasting can be a powerful spiritual discipline that helps us to overcome the flesh by denying ourselves and focusing on God’s will.

What role does accountability play in overcoming the flesh?

Accountability is an important part of overcoming the flesh. By sharing our struggles with others and asking for their support and encouragement, we can stay on track and resist temptation.

Are there any practical steps we can take to resist temptation and overcome the flesh?

Some practical steps we can take to resist temptation and overcome the flesh include memorizing Scripture, surrounding ourselves with positive influences, and staying focused on God’s purposes for our lives.

Closing Thoughts

I know you might have clicked on this blog feeling hopeless. Perhaps even as. Last resort. Or maybe it’s your 70th time saying to God. “I promise this is the last time”.

The key to living a life of purity and victory is living a life yielded to the Spirit of God.

Practically that looks like accountability with a leader or trusted friend.

When the light of Jesus is shone on our hidden areas of sin. The power is nullified. When we share it with another, for the sake of freedom and accountability, the enemy loses his power to hold it over us (which he loves to do – no one knows about it you sicko, you’re trapped and live a double life).

The devil is a LIAR and wants to keep you trapped and stuck because he knows once you share your sin in the light, he has no way to shame you.

All that to say!

Your best days are ahead of you!

Days of freedom from lust, sin, porn and constant failing.

Jesus so loves you and all of heaven’s resources are at your disposal to help you overcome and win this battle.

Just ask God for help!

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  1. Gracias por este aporte en bien de quienes tenemos lucha con los deseos sucios del pecado sexual. Por favor, adicional a este aporte, apreciaré me apoyen en oración para vencer esta pasión que me acompaña desde mi adolescencia (hoy, soy un anciano de 72 años, y con 42 invocando a Yehováh). Estoy muy deprimido que, aparentemente, Yehováh no haya obrado liberación como he leído que otros lo han obtenido, lo han recibido. Pido porque Él me aumente la fe o, si aún no lo tengo, que me regale Su Espíritu porque creo en el nombre de Su Hijo, Yeshúa.

    Gracias, amén.

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