25 Anointed Mike Bickle Quotes to Awaken Your Heart to God’s Love

Mike Bickle Quotes

Mike Bickle is a well-known Christian leader and teacher at IHOPKC.

In this article, we will explore the impact that Mike Bickle’s teachings have had on Christianity, as well as provide a collection of 25 anointed quotes that will inspire and awaken your heart to God’s love.

Mike Bickle has had a significant impact on the Christian community, and my personal walk with Jesus.

I remember reading the book ‘Passion for Jesus‘ and it felt like the knowledge I had about God in my head descended into my heart as I read through the book.

25 Anointed Mike Bickle Quotes to Awaken Your Heart to God’s Love

1. “God’s love is not a passive affection but an active pursuit.”

2. “The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without love.”

3. “To know God’s love is to be forever changed.”

4. “God’s love can never be earned, only freely given.”

5. “The depth of God’s love is beyond human comprehension.”

6. “God’s love is not a feeling, but a choice to act in compassion.”

7. “The love of God is the heart of the gospel message.”

8. “God’s love is not based on our performance, but on His character.”

9. “The love of God is the medicine for our wounded hearts.”

10. “God’s love calls us to a life of selflessness and sacrifice.”

11. “The depth of our love for God is determined by our revelation of His love for us.”

12. “God’s love provides the power to overcome sin and brokenness.”

13. “The love of God is the foundation for all true relationships.”

14. “God’s love is unconditional and never-ending.”

15. “The revelation of God’s love is the key to true freedom.”

16. “God’s love is not limited by our past mistakes or present struggles.”

17. “The love of God is the answer to the world’s deepest needs.”

18. “God’s love is not a one-time experience, but a daily encounter.”

19. “The more we experience God’s love, the more we are transformed into His likeness.”

20. “God’s love provides the security and stability our hearts long for.”

21. “The love of God is the source of all true joy and fulfillment.”

22. “God’s love is not a distant concept, but a present reality.”

23. “The depth of our love for God is revealed by our obedience to His commands.”

24. “God’s love is the anchor that holds us steady in the storms of life.”

25. “The love of God is the greatest gift we can ever receive.”

Links to Mike Bickle’s Books

If you’re looking to deepen your understanding of Christianity and draw closer to God, you may be interested in reading some of Mike Bickle’s books. Here are some relevant links to his most popular books:

1. Growing in Prayer: A Real-Life Guide to Talking with God
This book offers practical guidance on how to develop a strong and consistent prayer life. With personal stories and insights from biblical figures, Mike Bickle shows readers how to approach God with confidence and trust.

2. Passion for Jesus: Cultivating Extravagant Love for God
In this book, Mike Bickle shares his journey of discovering a passion for Jesus and how he cultivated that love over time. He offers practical advice for nurturing a deep and personal relationship with God.

3. The Pleasures of Loving God: A Call to Accept God’s All-Encompassing Love for You
This book explores the depths of God’s love for us and how we can experience the joy and pleasure that come from loving Him in return. Mike Bickle encourages readers to embrace God’s love and live a life of intimacy with Him.

4. The Rewards of Fasting: Experiencing the Power and Affections of God
Fasting is often seen as a difficult and daunting practice, but Mike Bickle shows how it can be a rewarding and transformative experience. This book offers practical tips for fasting and insights into the spiritual benefits it can bring.

5. Growing in the Prophetic: A Practical Biblical Guide to Dreams, Visions, and Spiritual Gifts
If you’re interested in developing your prophetic gifts, this book is a great resource. Mike Bickle provides biblical guidance on how to understand and use prophetic dreams, visions, and other spiritual gifts in a responsible and effective way.

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