11 Simple Tips For A More Conscious Living

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I am writing this for many reasons. The first is because I am sure that living consciously allows us to be aware of what is going on inside us and around us. I’m not talking about fixing ourselves but getting to know ourselves in all aspects of life so we can live fully every day and season of life.

People are seeking to align their lives, many seek to live in balance or call it living in harmony with themselves. I call it living connected to the source of the goodness of life. God. The source of the origin of everything.

The fact that you are here reading this blog is a good indicator that you have the desire to live a full life, whether you go through thick and thin seasons. And that’s great! As people, somehow we want to feel and understand the preciousness of life, don’t we? If you look around, kids explore and learn about life through their experiences and senses, young people try everything they can because life is so exciting and there’s so much energy or they are with that adrenaline that sometimes can’t even see the consequences of some things.

As adults, most of us already have habits, and ways of doing things that probably feel normal, most of us understand how the world works. We start to see the reality, the majority knows by now what is good, what is bad, what is risky and what are consequences. Great. We are ageing. We have quite a good part of conscious living if you have realised this so far. We start establishing our lives into things that make us feel alive, that give us back something important, others are seeking that inner peace, happiness and desire to keep that young spirit alive. I believe it is never too late to live fully and to make a change in life, even if you are in adulthood and older than me!

Now, with this, you must already be thinking that perhaps I have everything resolved in life or that I am going to give you a magic formula to eliminate problems, difficult moments, etc. I wish I had that for me as well. But let me tell you something that I have learned so far: — Living consciously opens up our senses to everything we do. (read it again if you can).

Our choices and our responses to the challenges we may face in life are shaped by our own life experiences, — the culture we grew up with, our beliefs, our relationships, etc. and some are more difficult than others. I believe that living consciously is having a conviction or security of what we believe, living with internal guidance that helps us through what we face in life, and choosing. Perhaps I do not have the formula to avoid difficult moments, problems, or situations that could be out of our control, but I do have some keys that can help you to stand firm in who you are as a person, and even if you go through some difficulties, I’m sure you will have the best guidance to face the good, the bad and or the ugly on this earth and go through things filled with divine peace. The journey of consciousness is not seasonal, it is a lifelong journey. No matter what life throws at you, you have the opportunity to stand up again and feel like the winner that you already are.

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Here are some simple tips that have worked for me, not to balance my life, but to think about my choices, be conscious and intentional, and live my life in its wholeness.

1. Prioritise your spiritual life.

I believe the art of a whole and prospering life starts within our spirit and this will have a significant impact on our emotional health which will have a major influence on our physical health and in conclusion on our overall lifestyle. I believe that strong faith can help us to cope with the stress that we experience in life. A strong personal faith can be a resource that helps us to live consciously, manage stress and recognise behaviours, emotions, or the root of the way we may be responding.

Now, hear me, please. I am not talking about religion, I’m talking about a relationship with the source of everything.


Simply a life in and with God.

Until you allow yourself to experience this connection, you cannot make a list of moments that helps to consolidate your identity as a person and face whatever it is that you encounter in this life with peace.

So, I would prioritise taking care of your spiritual life because I believe everything starts from the inside out. Our beliefs and attitudes are determined by our faith and this will play a major role in our thinking, and our way of thinking will impact our emotions, behaviours, habits and health. Within this area, you can use praying, meditation, affirmations, declarations and bible reading.

I believe while you’re connected spiritually to the source, God, you can live more consciously, and live life in its wholeness.

2. Make regular reflection part of your daily routine.

There are different ways to do this, you can write a diary or journal.

This goes in hand with the #1 tip, when you give yourself time for meditation, prayer or reading, even if it is for 10 minutes, I’m very sure you will come up with questions about your heart and lifestyle, then, give time to yourself. Reflect on your life, thoughts, responses, emotions, routines, lifestyle, etc. This is very important.

3. Have a gratitude journal.

If you are looking to live more consciously, writing a single line of something you are grateful for every day will keep you in the present and appreciating life no matter your circumstances.

When you step outside, note and appreciate what you see. Be conscious of your surroundings. There is always something to be thankful for. You will be surprised.

4. Know your beliefs and core values.

What do you stand up for? What are your limits? What are the things that you can not negotiate in your relationships, work, and life in general? This is a big part of conscious living.

If you don’t know what you believe, it’s likely you will end up going with a random flow, unstable following patterns of living, and trends and probably at some point you might feel lost. Being conscious of your beliefs and values will help you to ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing and to identify the consequences of your choices.

This will help you to set your foundation of life, your purpose, vision, and goals, and therefore to make your daily choices. This will remind you and others who you truly are.

5. Understand and recognize your emotions.

We all experience emotions, but not everyone knows how to process them through.

The goal is to try to recognize them.

Do you know what is what makes you feel sad, joyful, shame, hurt, etc.?

Allow yourself to feel emotions, process and choose a healthy way to express each of them. This will help you to be aware of yourself, and your surroundings and to communicate with those you love and in general.

6. Learn and consider how you nurture your body.

Starting from how you think about yourself to what you eat, and what you put on your body. The reality here is… we are all ageing. Ageing naturally changes body shape, organs, cells, etc.

Learn about your body, and your needs, listen to it and give it time to rest, work, and heal. I’m not talking about trying to always look like an 18-year-old person, but to accept your age and live your best life physically and mentally.

You can keep yourself younger from the inside out, did you know that? Start to appreciate your body and every part that makes it work.

Our human body is ageing and if we want to keep being strong we need to envision how we want to live when we get older, would you like to be on a chair watching the tv? Or would you like to be someone who can walk and enjoy the outside running and exercising?… you choose, start now, keep moving and look after yourself.

Appreciate that you are alive and take care of your body.

7. Review your relationships.

We are social beings, you might be introverted or extroverted but you are a social being. We were made to have joyful relationships. I’m not talking about all your relationships here, but more about your immediate relationships or circle.

We normally tend to care the most about those people we put in our close relationship circle. It can be your family, best friend or whoever you choose to listen to and constantly share about your life, to look for advice, to cry, to celebrate, those people who know everything about you, the good, the ugly and the great about you. Those are very important in your conscious living journey.

I say to review your relationships because sometimes you might not realize the amazing people you got already on the other hand you can also have some toxic people in your close relationship circle and if you do, you might need to adjust who you are inviting in your journey of life.

You want healthy relationships to walk with you, to cheer you up, to encourage you, to listen and to help you to see things from a different perspective that sometimes you won’t see. Relationships that will push you to grow, enjoy and stay connected with yourself and the source of life, God. Now, make time for family, and friends and nurture your relationships.

8. Consider where you spend your time during the day and week.

Have you ever written down on a piece of paper how you spend your time each hour of your day?

Until you do a time audit, you don’t know how you spend your time throughout your days. It can be very surprising. If you know how you are spending your time, you can make more conscious decisions about how you intentionally will spend your time for the future or vision you have.

9. Review and consider where you spend your money.

The world will encourage you to get more and more. It will encourage you to feel like there will never be enough.

Especially if you don’t know your priorities or what you want.

It is so easy to get caught by the marketing world and end up buying things that we don’t even need.

Look around at what you possess in life and where you spend your money.

Do you need it?

Is it worth it?

Do you feel peace and happiness with it?

Before you buy something, pause and ask yourself.

Am I using my money wisely?

Is it a priority right now?

Does this fit into my budget this season?

Asking questions will help you to be aware of your present (season, finances, goals, lifestyle, priorities, etc).

You don’t want your money, you want to invest in meaningful things that add to your lifestyle and space, next time you see something, think about that!

10. Review what you possess in life, waste less, and live simply.

Life is simple, more than we think (and make it). I believe that less is more.

What are you filled with?

I have the feeling that this is one of the important keys to enjoying life.

Sometimes we possess so many material things that are simply stealing space in our environment, and hear me out, this is a journey, I’m still learning especially as a mom trying to figure out spaces and have the essentials for our family. You want to live only with those things that create a peaceful environment to enjoy and of course, a place that projects your style!

There is no point in being full of things and not making use of them (waste). Look around at your things, if you don’t feel peace and joy with what you own, then get rid of it. This journey will look different for each of us but it is simple. Sometimes we are trying to be, to achieve or to get things by the pressure of our fast-paced world, and I’m not saying those things are bad.

What I’m saying is that sometimes we can be influenced by marketing or people, adding/doing things outside of our season can create the stress/pressure/noise we don’t need in our life.

Wouldn’t be wonderful to slow down and enjoy your life with less?

Less pressure, less stress, less waste, less toxic feelings and things? And living a simple life, with the right things you love?

I think slowing down and noticing what we are adding to our daily lives will help us to live more consciously and to reconsider our choices.

11. Be aware of your environment.

Are you aware of the products you use? Do they nurture your body and your living space? Do you respect the environment?

It’s sad to think that our products and activities are harming the planet and consequently our health.

Today, far apart from what we may be facing personally, globally we are also facing ecological, political and social challenges. Today more than ever I believe that it is essential to learn to live a more conscious life. Living this way is not a trend, it is part of a lifelong process.

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What is conscious living?

Living Consciously is allowing ourselves to be physically, mentally, and emotionally connected with the source of our spirit.

Why is living consciously important?

beliefs, and can help us live a full and fulfilling life. It also helps us to manage stress and recognize behaviors, emotions, or the root of the way we may be responding.

How to live a more conscious life?

Some ways to live a more conscious life include prioritizing your spiritual life, being aware of your thoughts and actions, and making choices that align with your values and beliefs.

You can also try setting goals and intentions, practicing mindfulness and gratitude, and seeking out experiences that help you grow and learn.

What is unconscious living?

Unconscious living refers to living without awareness or consideration of one’s thoughts, actions, or surroundings. It can involve making choices or reacting to situations without fully considering the potential consequences or impacts.

Conscious living examples?

Some examples of conscious living include:

  • Prioritizing your spiritual life and maintaining a strong personal faith
  • Making intentional choices that align with your values and beliefs
  • Practicing mindfulness and gratitude on a daily basis
  • Seeking out experiences that help you grow and learn
  • Setting goals and intentions for personal growth
  • Being aware of your thoughts and actions and taking responsibility for them
  • Seeking balance and harmony in all aspects of your life, including your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.


In conclusion, living consciously allows us to be aware of what is happening inside and around us, and can help us live a full and fulfilling life. It involves having a strong personal faith and making intentional choices that align with our values and beliefs. While it is a lifelong journey, it is never too late to start living consciously and making positive changes in our lives.

Some questions to consider

  1. How has living consciously impacted your life so far?
  2. What challenges have you faced in your journey towards living consciously? How have you overcome them?
  3. What are some practices or habits that you have implemented in your daily life to support living consciously?
  4. How do you prioritize your spiritual life in the midst of your other responsibilities and commitments?
  5. In what ways do your personal beliefs and values influence your decisions and actions?
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